Wake Transit 10 Year Bus Plan

The Wake Bus Plan recommends the development and phasing of bus transit service investments between 2019 and 2027.  The recommended operating service investments create a service hierarchy that largely reflects a system of four route types:  Frequent Transit Routes, Local Routes, Community (Core Regional) Routes, and Express Services.  The recommended service investments increase bus service throughout Wake County from $30 million (roughly 300,000 annual hours of bus service) in 2018 to $85 million (roughly 900,000 annual hours of service) in 2027.  These operational investment recommendations align with the original four big moves that were defined in the Wake Transit Plan.  Capital investments are coordinated with transit service investments as much as possible, so passengers will have safe, comfortable facilities that are accessible on foot and if appropriate, accessible by car.  The 10-Year Capital Investment Plan funds nearly $300 million in capital projects.  The largest portion of the funding will be used to purchase buses, develop transit centers and build maintenance facilities.  The bus service and supporting capital investments in the Wake Bus Plan will drive year-by-year project funding decisions in future Wake Transit Work Plans. 

Draft Wake Transit 10-Year Bus Plan