US 1 Council of Planning

The US 1 Council of Planning is a workgroup dedicated to maintaining the implementation of the US 1 Corridor Study. The Council meets on an as-needed basis. The interactive mapping tool illustrates the recommendations for improvements in the US 1 Corridor.

Council Structure


  • Wake County, Franklin County, City of Raleigh, Town of Wake Forest, Town of Youngsville, Town of Franklinton
       The municipalities and the counties having direct jurisdiction over 1) land use ordinances and determinations of whether land uses within the US 1 Corridor Study Area are in compliance with such ordinances; or 2) public investments along the corridor. 
  • CAMPO, GoTriangle, GoRaleigh, KARTS
       The inter-governmental planning organizations having administrative duties for transportation planning along the US 1 Corridor.
  • North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Districts 1 and 3.

Governing Documents

Meeting Agendas

   The Council meets on an as-needed basis. 

2018 (by date)    Minutes Supporting Documents/Recommendations

June 7, 2018
2:00 p.m.
Wake Forest Town Hall

 Draft TRU Hotel

March 21, 2018 
2:00 p.m.
Wake Forest Town Hall



Capital Sports TIA

Capital Sports Appendix

Glen Oaks TIA

 January 31, 2018  Approved Traffic Forecast Document referenced at the meeting




Past Meetings

Past Agendas (by date)  Minutes Supporting Documents/Recommendations
2007_04_19  Approved  
 2007_07_26  Approved  Documentation, Additional, Recommendation, Recommendation2
 2007_10_11  Approved  Documentation
 2008_02_27  Approved  
 2008_05_13  Approved  
 2008_08_19  Approved  Cheviot Hills Recs., TIA | Union Place Recs., Site PlanTIA
 2009_04_23  Approved  Recommendations
 2009_07_09  Approved  
 2009_07_30  Approved  
 2009_08_20  Approved  
 2009_12_10  Approved  
 2010_05_06  Approved  
 2010_07_15  Approved  
 2010_09_16  Approved  
 2011_08_08  Approved  
 2012_08_30  Approved  
2012_11_29  Approved  
 2013_09_16  Approved  
 2014_02_18  Approved  
 2014_03_06  Approved  Documentation, Recommendation
 2014_04_24  Approved  
 2014_05_22  Approved  
 2014_06_26  No Quorum  
 2015_01_29  Approved  
 2015_03_23  Approved  
February 10, 2016 Approved  
March 23, 2016 Approved  
 March 23, 2017  Approved  
 October 26, 2017  Approved