Bicycle and Pedestrian

Capital Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Stakeholders Group (BPSG)

The Capital Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Stakeholders Group, or BPSG, is composed of citizens, bicyclists, and planners interested in pedestrian and bicycle issues in Wake, Franklin, Johnston, Harnett, and Granville Counties. The BPSG acts as an advisory group to the Capital Area MPO.  Meetings are held the monthly, usually on the 4th Tuesday of every month, and are open to everyone.   Contact Kenneth Withrow, CAMPO's Senior Transportation Planner, for more information. 

Current Business Topics and Upcoming Events:

I. Triangle Bicycle and Pedestrian Workshop

II. Raleigh Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission Updates

III. Safe Routes Wake County is an effort to improve safety and to encourage more children to walk or bike to school. The program is working with five schools to develop a Model Safe Routes to School Program.

IV. Call for Applications - NCDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Grant Initiative

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