2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Capital Area and the Durham Chapel-Hill Carrboro MPOs are coordinating to develop the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the Triangle region. The MTP is the long-range plan for transportation improvements across the region. It will include roadway, transit, rail, bicycle, pedestrian and other transportation projects for the next 30 years

Where are we in the process?

CAMPO staff have completed the development and modeling associated with the Deficiencies and Needs of our anticipated transportation network, as well as three (3) transportation system alternative future scenarios for the 2050 MTP. With the MPO’s Goals and Objectives as a guide, the deficiency analysis served as a baseline to create the three alternative scenarios to meet anticipated future travel demand.

Deficiency & Needs ("Baseline") Analysis

Alternative Futures - Scenarios


2050 MTP Process Overview

Learn more about the entire MTP development process, including the foundational work that occured for the 2050 MTP throughout 2020 (setting Goals & Objectives, developing Socio-Economic Guide totals).