Bonus Allocation Funding

CAMPO is currently developing its Bonus Allocation Methodology. The proposed methodology is available for public review and comment. This methodology was used to generate a list of proposed candidate projects for the Bonus Allocation funding from the NC 540 project. The comment period for both is open until April 13, 2020, with a public hearing scheduled for the Executive Board meeting on April 15, 2020. Comments can be submitted through the webform, via email to, via phone to 919-996-4403, or via U.S. Mail to: CAMPO, Attn: Bonnie Parker, 421 Fayetteville St., Suite 203, Raleigh, NC 27601.

The Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) law, passed in 2013, includes a provision to provide incentives for local governments to contribute funding to transportation projects and to support tolling for highway projects.  The incentive is an allocation of funding, referred to as Bonus Allocation (BA), that can be used to fund the construction of other eligible highway projects.  Whether the Bonus Allocation funds are generated by tolling or by local contribution, the projects programmed with these funds must be included in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  Therefore, the North Carolina Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization plays a critical role in the selection of these projects and ultimately has the final decision on whether to include them in the TIP.

For more information on NCDOT Strategic Prioritization and the Strategic Transportation Investments law see .

NC Capital Area Metropolitian Transportation Planning Organization Bonus Allocation methodology.

NC 540 Bonus Allocation

Early in 2020, CAMPO received notice from NCDOT that there will be a $100 million Bonus Allocation to the region as a result of the committed NC 540 project. Using the proposed methodology, CAMPO staff have developed a proposed list of candidate projects to be programmed using the $100 million. It is anticipated that the Executive Board will consider approval of the list at their April 15th regular monthly meeting.