Transit Asset Management Performance Measures & Targets

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In 2018, transit providers in the Capital Area metropolitan planning area, completed agency specific Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plans including performance measures and targets for transit assets. Providers are required to update these measures and targets annually.  CAMPO, as required by federal law, works with regional transit providers to review, update and set regional performance targets.  The regional Transit Asset Management performance targets are also updated annually. 

2020 TAM Performance Measures - Approved

The following Performance Measures and Targets were approved by CAMPO's Executive Board at their meeting on September 18, 2019.

2020 Regional Transit Performance Measures and Targets

Asset Class
Performance Meaure
Revenue Vehicles % of vehicles that have met or exceeded their useful life 20%
Equipment % of non-revenue vehicles that have met or exceeded their useful life 22%
Facilities % of all buildings or structures with a condition rating below 3.0 on the federal Transit Economic Requirements Model (TERM) Scale 0%


In its rule making for the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) and the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) continues to advance efforts to implement a performance-based approach to planning. The rules established new requirements for metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to coordinate with transit providers, set performance targets, and integrate those performance targets, and performance plans into their planning documents by certain dates.  In its final rulemaking on Transit Asset Management, the FTA required transit providers to set performance targets for state of good repair related to their assets by January 1, 2017. A separate planning rule for Metropolitan, Statewide and Non-metropolitan Transportation Planning required MPOs to establish regional performance targets for each performance measure.  In 2017, transit providers in the planning area established initial State of Good repair performance targets and CAMPO has adopted performance targets for the region each year.


2018-2019 TAM Performance Measures

In September 2018 the CAMPO Executive Board adopted the 2018-2019 regional Transit Asset Management performance targets below: 

2018-2019 Proposed Transit Asset Management Targets