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2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) Development

2050 MTP (Approved) - Interactive Map

2050 MTP Maps & Projects List (Approved) - PDF

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Forecast Maps

The following animated maps ("GIFs") were produced for the 2050 MTP Development process.

Household and Jobs Growth 2020 to 2050

Growth GIF

Vehicular Forecast

Using the Triangle Regional Model, forecasts of vehicular congestion were created based on existing levels and estimates for future (2050) levels on the region's roadways. Both maps are animated based on snapshots in a typical 24-hour period, demonstrating the morning and afternoon peak, and mid-day periods.


2016 Vehicular Congestion Forecast

2050 - E+C  (visit 2050 MTP webpage for details)

2050 Roadways Congestion Forecast


NCDOT also provides a map of projects that are included in the approved State Transportation Improvement Program.