Public Participation Plan, Title VI & Environmental Justice

Attend Meetings  

The best way to participate in CAMPO is to attend our Executive Board meetings.

Public Participation Plan (PPP)

CAMPO's guide to reaching out to the public at large and targeted outreach strategies for traditionally underengaged communities.  Originally adopted in 2012, the latest update was adopted in July of 2020. 

Update to the PPP - Summer 2020

Out of an abundance of caution, MPO staff recommended adding language to the PPP that specifically mentions the permissibility of electronic meetings. Currently, the North Carolina Open Meetings Law, which the MPO abides by as stated in the approved PPP, includes language enabling electronic meetings and voting. Also, in the fall of 2019, the Executive Board adopted an updated PPP that incorporated language related to online participation, however, that language did not address meetings that are solely held electronically - with no in-person option available.  The current proposed update lists the reasonable steps the MPO should take to ensure meetings held solely electronically are as publicly accessible as feasible. It addresses requirements for notification as well as providing the public with the means to both view and listen to the meeting in real-time.

The Executive Board held a public hearing on June 17th for the proposed update, which was available for public review and comment until June 18, 2020. The proposed update was approved by the Executive Board at their July 15, 2020 regular meeting.

Title VI, Environmental Justice, and Limited English Outreach

Title VI refers to the federal civil rights law.  CAMPO has a plan to address issues related to civil rights and environmental justice, including outreach to populations with limited English proficiency. The following Title VI Plan and Appendix are also included in the MPO's Public Participation Plan when adopted. Forms to file a civil rights complaint with CAMPO are included in the Appendix. 

Contact Us

Please contact Bonnie Parker via email, phone 984-542-3604 (voice), or in writing at CAMPO,  ATTN: Title VI Coordinator, One Fenton Main St., Suite 201, Cary, N.C. 27511