ADA      Americans With Disabilities Act

ADT       Average Daily Traffic

APTA     American Public Transit Association

ATC       Automated Toll Collection

CAAA    Clean Air Act Amendments

CFR       Code of Federal Regulations

CMS       Congestion Management System

CMAQ   Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality

CMP       Congestion Management Process

CTP        Comprehensive Transportation Plan

EIS         Environmental Impact Statement

FHWA    Federal Highway Administration

FONSI    Finding of no significant impact

FTA        Federal Transit Administration

HOV      High Occupancy Vehicle

HPMS           Highway Performance Monitoring System

ISTEA     Intermodal Surface Transp. Efficiency Act of 1991

ITRE       Institute for Transportation Research and Education (NCSU)

ITS         Intelligent Transportation Systems

JARC     Job Access – Reverse Commute

LAPP     Locally Administered Projects Program

LOS        Level of Service

LRTP      Long Range Transportation Plan (now MTP)

MAP-21 Moving Ahead for Progress – 21st Century

MSA      Metropolitan Statistical Area

MTP       Metropolitan Transportation Plan (formerly LRTP)

NAAQS              National Ambient Air Quality Standards

NEPA     National Environmental Policy Act

NHS       National Highway System

PM-10    Particulate matter less than 10 microns in diameter

PMS       Pavement Management System

PRT        Personal Rapid Transit


                           Safe, Accountable, Flexible, and Efficient

                           Transportation Equity Act – A Legacy for Users

SIP         State Implementation Plan

SMSA    Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area

SPOT     Strategic Planning Office of Transportation

SRTS     Safe Routes to School

STIP      Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

STP-DA Surface Transportation Program-Direct Allocation

TAC      Transportation Advisory Committee

TAZ       Traffic Analysis Zones

TCC        Technical Coordinating Committee

TEA-21  Transportation Efficiency Act of the 21st Century

TDM                   Travel Demand Management

TIP         Transportation Improvement Program (formerly MTIP)

TOD       Transit Oriented Design/Development

TMA      Transportation Management Area

UPWP    Unified Planning Work Program 

              VHT           Vehicle Hours of Travel

VMT      Vehicle Miles of Travel


VOC      Volatile Organic Compound