Prioritization 7.0 (SPOT 7) - Current

SPOT 7.0 refers to the prioritization process that guides the development of the 2026-2035 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), the main vehicle for transportation improvement funding in the state as set by the State Transportation Investments (STI) Law. This process began in late 2022.



In the summer of 2021 it was decided by NCDOT to cancel the SPOT 6 process in the development of the Adopted 2024-2033 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. The Prioritization Committee went forward with the quantitative scoring of projects to help MPO/RPO and local municalities make decisions on future project submittals. The projects that were submitted in SPOT 6 are being made available for resubmittal in SPOT 7.

Part One: Review and Submittal of Projects from P6

MPOs/RPOs across the state start their work by prioritizing the projects in their jurisdictions to be submitted to the SPOT 7 process.  For CAMPO, this includes:  

1.  A Call for non-roadway projects (bike/ped, transit, and aviation) from local municipalities and transportation agencieds in the summer of 2023. 

2.  Candidate roadway projects are gathered from the MPO's approved Transportation Improvement Program and Metropolitan Transportation Plan, and along with the non-roadway projects, a proposed list is then recommended to and approved by the Executive Board.

The MPO submits the projects to SPOT 7 by October 27, 2023.


Part Two: Project Scoring by NCDOT

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STI Funding Breakdown Image

NCDOT's scoring process provides quantitative scores for projects based on the project information provided by MPOs/RPOs.

NCDOT Releases the Initial Project Scores and Draft Statewide Mobility Projects lists over the Fall of 2023 and Spring of 2024.

Part Three: Assignment of Local Input Points

Statewide projects are scored and decided based purely on data, but Regional and Division level projects utilize local input points to help prioritize projects.

1. Regional Impact Category

Staff evalutate project submittals and recommend point assignment for regional projects to the Executive Board for approval and resubmittal to NCDOT by July 2024 to be programmed.

NCDOT Draft Regional Impact Project List released August 2024

2. Division Needs Category

 Staff evaluate project submittals and recommend point assignment for division needs projects to the Executive Board for approval and resubmittal to NCDOT by November 2024 to be programmed.

Part Four: Draft 2026-2035 STIP Release & Adoption by NCDOT

This is anticpated to occur in February 2025 and Adopted in August 2025. All these dates are subject to change.

Staff Contacts: Alex Rickard & Daniel Spruill