Programs & Studies

The MPO's Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) recommends improvements to the region's transportation network, including all modes, over the next 30 years. In order to continually enhance and implement the MTP, the MPO engages in a variety of planning efforts dealing with issues in freight, bicycle and pedestrian accommodation, highways, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), transit, rail and travel demand management.

CAMPO Current Projects Brochure

Each year, the MPO undertakes a variety of special studies. Some of these are "Core Mission" studies that focus on issues of significance to the MPO region as a whole. These may include sub-area studies that span multiple jurisdictions, issues that inform the regional travel demand model, or other similar wide-reaching efforts. Examples of recent Core Mission studies are the Wake Transit Investment Strategy, the Southwest Area Study, the Northeast Area Study, and the Southeast Area Study. Other studies are "Non-Core Mission" studies that focus on issues of importance to a single or small number of jurisdictions within the MPO. Non-Core Mission studies are generally funded via a partnership between one or more local government members, the MPO, and sometimes NCDOT. Some examples of Non-Core Mission studies are the Raleigh-Cary Rail Crossing Study (RCRX) and corridor studies such as the US 1 Corridor Study and Rolesville Main Street Study. Both Core and Non-Core Mission studies are included in the MPO's annual Unified Planning Work Program.

Completed Programs & Studies

Members can request MPO partnership on a study during the annual call for projects, which typically occurs between August and October each year.