Locally Administered Projects Program (LAPP)

The Locally Administered Projects Program (LAPP) was first adopted by the NC Capital Area MPO on October 20, 2010. The program is used by the MPO to prioritize and program local transportation projects in the region that utilize federal funding and are the responsibility of the MPO (such as Surface Transportation Block Grant Program – Direct Allocation (STBGP-DA), Congestion Mitigation for Air Quality (CMAQ), etc.).  LAPP is a competitive funding program managed by CAMPO that prioritizes locally administered projects in the Region.  These projects are funded using the federal funding sources directly attributed to the region with a minimum 20% local match.  Member jurisdictions of the CAMPO region are eligible to apply for these funds.  Projects compete as either roadway, bicycle and pedestrian, or transit projects; while Complete Streets elements are required for all projects considered.

LAPP FY2023 Call for Projects

The LAPP FFY2023 Investment Program was adopted by the CAMPO Executive Board on Feburary 16, 2022.  Funded projects will be able to recieve funding for their projects starting October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2023.  

LAPP FY2024 Call for Projects

The LAPP FFY2024 Call for Projects is anticipating to open in August of 2022.  CAMPO Staff and the LAPP Steering Committee are currently working to address any proposed changes to the program and to recommend a Target Modal Investment Mix.  These proposals are expected to begin a public comment period over the summer of 2022.  


Staff contact: Gretchen Vetter

Previous LAPP Applications (FFY2012-FFY2020)

FFY2021 LAPP Applications

FFY2022 LAPP Application Portal