Transportation Improvement Program

PUBLIC NOTICE:  CAMPO is currently considering an amendment to the Adopted FY 2020-2029 Transportation Improvement ProgramAmendment #10 is available for public review and comment until November 15, 2022, with a public hearing scheduled for the Executive Board meeting on November 16, 2022. Comments can be submitted through the webform, via email to, via phone to 919-996-4403, or via U.S. Mail to: CAMPO, Attn: Bonnie Parker, 421 Fayetteville St., Suite 203, Raleigh, NC 27601.

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a 10-year work program that includes all regionally significant transportation projects in the MPO planning area.  The TIP includes projects for all modes of transportation including roadway, public transportation, rail, aviation, bicycle and pedestrian.  All projects in the TIP must be consistent with the adopted Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

The TIP is adopted every two years but may be amended as necessary in order to account for changes in funding, project schedule, and to remain consistent with the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). Projects are programmed through the State's competitive SPOT process and through CAMPO's competitive LAPP process.

FY 2020-2029 Transportation Improvement Program - Approved

The FY 2020-2029 TIP and supplemental AQ Conformity Report were approved by the Executive Board at their meeting in October 2019. 

Amendment #9
to the FY2020-2029 TIP- approved September 21, 2022
Amendment #8 to the FY2020-2029 TIP - approved April 20, 2022 
Amendment #7 to the FY2020-2029 TIP - approved February 16, 2022
Amendment #6 to the FY2020-2029 TIP - approved November 17, 2021
Amendment #5
 to the FY2020-2029 TIP - approved August 16, 2021
Amendment #4 to the FY2020-2029 TIP - approved April 21, 2021
Amendment #3 to the FY2020-2029 TIP - approved Nov. 18, 2020
Amendment #2  to the FY2020-2029 TIP
Amendment #1 to the FY2020-2029 TIP

 Air Quality Conformity Determination Report 

NCDOT and the STIP

In August 2019, following a 16-month development process known as SPOT 5.0, NCDOT released the final draft of the 2020-2029 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which included both new projects and schedule adjustments from the previous draft released in January.  The final draft version was approved by the N.C. Board of Transportation in September 2019. The MPO was involved in the STIP development process, described further on the SPOT 5.0 webpage.  

FY 2018-2027 Transportation Improvement Program - Approved and Amended

FY 2018-2027 Transportation Improvement Program - Approved

For more information about SPOT, STI, TIP or to provide comments, please contact: Alex Rickard, Deputy Director, (919) 996-4396.