Safety Performance Targets

PUBLIC NOTICE:  CAMPO is currently considering approval of targets for the region's Public Transportation Agencies' Safety Plans (PTASP). The Recommended Final Regional PTASP Targets are available for public review and comment until December 7, 2021. The Executive Board will consider approval of the targets at their meeting on December 8, 2021. Comments can be submitted through the webform, via email to, via phone to 919-996-4403, or via U.S. Mail to: CAMPO, Attn: Bonnie Parker, 421 Fayetteville St., Suite 203, Raleigh, NC 27601.

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Roadways and Public Transit


Federal regulations require MPOs and State DOTs to set targets for five safety performance measures for highways 

NCDOT proposed the the following targets for Fiscal Year 2021. The CAMPO Executive Board endorsed them for use at their meeting on February 17, 2021. 

By December 31, 2021:


Reduce by


Fatalities -4.20%/year 1,427.2 (2015-2019 ave.) to
1,309.9 (2017-2021 ave.)
Fatality Rate -4.35%/year 1.208 (2015-2019 ave.) to
1.105 (2017-2021 ave.)
Serious Injuries -3.24%/year 3,905.0 (2015-2019 ave.) to
3,656.1 (2017-2021 ave.)
Serious Injury Rate -3.35%/year 3.281 (2015-2019 ave.) to
3.065 (2017-2021 ave.)
Non-Motorized Fatalities &
Serious Injuries
-3.65%/year 543.4 (2015-2019 ave.) to
504.4 (2017-2021 ave.)

Public Transit - PTASP

In 2018, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) published the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) Final Rule, which requires operators of public transportation systems that receive federal funds under the FTA's Urbanized Area Formula 5307 Program Grants to develop safety plans that include the processes and procedures to implement Safety Management Systems (SMS). Under the PTASP rule, an operator is required to develop and maintain an Agency Safety Plan, set safety performance targets based on the safety performance measures in the National Safety Plan (NSP) and share with the MPO and State. The NSP safety performance measures are:

  • Fatalities
  • Injuries
  • Safety Events
  • System Reliability (State of Good Repair)

The MPO is required to set regional performance targets for each performance measure after the transit agency establishes their performance targets. Per regulations and after consultation with the FTA, FHWA, NCDOT and the partner agencies, CAMPO staff developed initial safety target measures for the region which the CAMPO Executive Board adopted in May of 2021..

Staff and the transit partners have met and continue discussion and collaboration on the goals and targets to establish the final transit performance safety targets recommendations. The final recommended targets are available for public comment until December 7. The Executive Board will consider adoption of the final targets at their meeting on December 8, 2021 for incorporation into the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and the Transportation Improvement Program Comments can be submitted through the webform, via email to, via phone to 919-996-4403, or via U.S. Mail to: CAMPO, Attn: Bonnie Parker, 421 Fayetteville St., Suite 203, Raleigh, NC 27601.