Blueprint for Safety

CAMPO's Regional Transportation Safety Action Plan

The Capitol Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) is developing a comprehensive regional multimodal safety action plan in partnership with NCDOT, referred to as the Blueprint for Safety. The Blueprint for Safety will identify strategies and actions to improve roadway transportation safety in the CAMPO region. Deaths and serious injuries on CAMPO’s roadways are unacceptable – the Blueprint for Safety Plan will be developed with a focus on identifying areas for improvement, stakeholder and public engagement strategies, and will follow the Safe System Approach. To identify areas for improvement, CAMPO will use crash data from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to evaluate the biggest risks and pinpoint the areas where the most injuries occur, otherwise known as a High Injury Network (HIN). After identifying areas to improve upon, safety enhancements and countermeasures can be recommended and implemented. The Plan will also identify areas that are high risk for serious injury or fatal crashes, taking a more proactive approach in addition to reviewing crash history.

The Blueprint for Safety is underway and will be finalized by Fall 2025. Engagement and coordination with stakeholders and the public will occur throughout the planning process. CAMPO aims to receive input from a variety of audiences including groups that work with safety daily like Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel, schools, universities, and law enforcement. Alongside input from agency officials, CAMPO will host accessible engagement sessions to discuss safety concerns with the public. A safer CAMPO transportation network benefits everyone in the region.

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Stakeholders Kickoff - March 2024

CAMPO hosted a Kickoff and Stakeholder Workshop on March 14th to begin work to develop the Blueprint for Safety Plan. The workshop included stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds who discussed roadway safety, safety culture, engagement, and progress measurement towards the goal of zero fatalities and serious injuries in the CAMPO region. Prior to the workshop, these stakeholders considered public safety concerns, potential gaps in safety education, and their responsibilities in employing the Blueprint within their jurisdictions. Planning professionals provided a safety planning presentation at the workshop to outline the purpose of transportation safety plans and the evidence of upward trends in the total number of fatalities and serious injuries from roadway crashes for the CAMPO region. Stakeholders also met in small groups and identified their roadway safety concerns in the region and strategies to address them.

CAMPO will continue to seek input from stakeholders in the region on ways to improve safety. As part of the effort, there will be several technical advisory team meetings in May through August 2024 to further explore road safety, safety culture, engagement, and progress in the development of the Blueprint for Safety Plan. CAMPO is also releasing a survey for the public to provide input on their safety concerns and improvements they’d like to see made.