In addition to transit elements contained in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Comprehensive Transportation Plan, the MPO engages with our partner agencies to conduct regional transit planning. 

Wake Transit Initiative

Most recently, the Wake County Transit Plan was adopted by the CAMPO Executive Board on May 18, 2016, the GoTriangle Board of Trustees on May 25, 2016, and the Wake County Board of Commissioners on June 6, 2016. The plan and agreement are available on The MPO incorporates the outputs of the Wake Transit program of work into the regional Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

An Interlocal Governance Agreement (ILA) designates the CAMPO Executive Board and GoTriangle Board of Trustees as the lead agencies responsible for ongoing technical and financial decisions related to Wake Transit Plan implementation. The ILA also created the Wake County Transit Planning Advisory Committee (TPAC), a staff-level advisory committee comprised of agencies and local governments with jurisdiction in Wake County. the TPAC is charged with coordinating planning and implementation aspects of the Wake County Transit Plan and serving in a structured advisory role to the CAMPO Executive Board and GoTriangle Board of Trustees.