Pavement, Bridge, and Travel Time Performance Targets

Federal regulations require MPOs and State DOTs to set targets for six pavement and bridge condition performance measures and three system performance measures. 

Transportation Performance Measures Overview

NCDOT proposed the targets in the table below for FY19, and the CAMPO Executive Board endorsed them at their Nov. 14, 2018 meeting, following a public hearing:

  2-Year Target 4-Year Target
% Interstate Pavement Condition (Good) (no target) 37.0%
% Interstate Pavement Condition (Poor)  (no target)  2.2%
% Non-Interstate NHS Pavement Condition (Good)  27.0%  21.0%
% Non-Interstate NHS Pavement Condition (Poor)  4.2%  4.7%
% NHS Bridges Condition (Good)  33.0%  30.0%
% NHS Bridges Condition (Poor)  8.0%  9.0%
% Interstate miles Level of Travel Time Reliability 80.0% 75.0%
 % Non-Interstate NHS miles Level of Travel Time Reliability  (no target)  70.0%
 % Interstate miles Truck Travel Time Reliability  1.65% 1.70%