LAPP has two required training opportunities for those interested in participating in the program. The trainings cover MPO rules and policies pertaining to the LAPP program, and NCDOT and FHWA regulations pertaining to the federal funds awarded through LAPP.  Additional resources, including the Online Application and LAPP Guidebook, are available in Policies & Administration.

Awardee Project Management Training  

The Awardee Project Management Training is held after the MPO Executive Board awards projects (typically in February or March). If an MPO member government is successful in applying for LAPP funds, the project manager is required to attend the Awardee Project Management Training. 

The FFY2024 LAPP Project Manager Training was held on March 21, 2023.  The presentation is posted below.  

LAPP Applicant Training

The Applicant Training is held during the month when the call for projects opens. Any MPO member government interested in accessing funds through the LAPP process must have a staff member in attendance at the Applicant Training.

The FFY2024 Applicant Training was held on August 25, 2022:

For additional information, contact Chandler Hagen.