2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Capital Area and the Durham Chapel-Hill Carrboro MPOs coordinated to develop the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the Triangle region. The MTP is the long-range plan for transportation improvements across the region. It includes roadway, transit, rail, bicycle, pedestrian and other transportation projects to be implemented through the year 2045. 

MTP deveopment process flow chart graphic

MTP Development Process

I. Setting Goals

2045 MTP Performance Goals & Objectives

II. 2045 Deficiency Analysis & Alternatives Assessment

Existing + Committed (E+C) Deficiency Analysis

Moderate Scenario

Aspirational Scenario

Volume/Capacity Maps
DRAFT 2045 Map (Modeled Scenarios) – Interactive

III.A. Develop Updated Draft Scenarios - Fall 2017

Interactive Maps
DRAFT 2045 Map (Roadway Projects) 
Toggle between Traditional and Additional funding on the same map by using the layers function to see the two variations.

PDF Maps
DRAFT 2045 Roadways Map (Traditional Funding Scenario)
DRAFT 2045 Roadways Map (Additional Funding Scenario)
DRAFT 2045 Transit Map
DRAFT 2045 Bicyle/Pedestrian Map
DRAFT 2045 Project List (Traditional/Additional Funding Scenarios)

III.B. Public Comments ReceivedIcon of person asking a question
Following development and presentations to the Executive Boards of a preferred scenario for roadways, transit, and bicycle/pedestrian elements, a final phase of public outreach began in the fall of 2017 to inform and consult with members of the community on the scenario, in particular.  Staff from the MPO: 

  • Attended 10+ public meetings or events to conduct outreach activities
  • Websites were regularly updated,
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts were repeatedly sent (Facebook campaign reached 11,500+ people),
  • Multiple emails were sent to community contacts, including local media outlets, and,
  • Several community partners shared information (RTA, RTP, GoTriangle, GoRaleigh, Member Jurisdictions).

Draft MTP 2045 Public Information Sheet
Public Comments Received - October-December, 2017
Verbal Comments Received at Events

IV. Project Maps and Lists Approved by CAMPO's Executive Boardthumbnail of transit map
The Executive Board unanimously approved the project maps and projects list at their meeting on December 13, 2017. The  "Additional Funding" scenario was approved. 

Approved 2045 Bicycle/Pedestrian Map
Approved 2045 Roadways Map (Additional Funding Scenario)
Approved 2045 Roadways Map - Interactive
Approved 2045 Transit Map

V. Final 2045 MTP Document Approved by Executive Board
The final Executive Board action involved in the adoption of the 2045 MTP, approval of the final 2045 MTP Report narratives, occurred at their meeting on February 21, 2018. 

Final Report Document (Entire Report)
Final 2045 MTP Report Document - Full

Final 2045 Report Document (By Chapters)

  1. Executive Summary
  2. What is the Plan?
  3. About Our Home
  4. Our Vision And How We will Achieve It
  5. How We Developed Our Plan
  6. Analyzing Our Choices
  7. Our Metropolitan Transportation Plan
  8. Our Financial Plan
  9. Critical Factors in the Planning Process
  10. Post-2045 Comprehensive Transportation Plan Projects
  1. Road Projects List
  2. Transit Technologies and Services
  3. Transit Service List
  4. Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Lists
  5. Autonomous & Connected Vehicles
  6. Complete Streets
  7. Air Quality (MOVES output)
  8. Public Comments (To be updated through Feb. 21, 2018)
  9. Acronyms
  10. Detailed Transportation and Growth Maps
  11. Year-of-Expenditure Financial Plan
  12. Environmental Justice Maps and Critical Environmental Resource Maps 

Demand Modelling 

Triangle Regional Model Update
As part of the 2045 MTP process, Capital Area MPO, DCHC MPO, GoTriangle, and NCDOT have developed an updated version of the Triangle Regional Travel Demand Model (TRM v6)

DRAFT Capital Area MPO Socio-economic Guide Totals
The information in this document summarizes the major elements of the socioeconomic forecasts for different portions of the area covered by the region's transportation model (TRM).  The estimated 2013 and forecasted 2045 population and employment are key inputs into the TRM, which generates importation travel demand information.  For forecast data, the MPO uses a land use modeling process called CommunityViz that uses county-level 2045 guide totals and effectively distributes the population and employment growth across the region.

Explanation of the Fall 2017 Draft 2045 MTP Scenarios - "Traditional" and "Additional"
The vast majority of streets, freeways, interstates in the Triangle area are managed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), with the bulk of funding for improvements and maintenance traditionally coming from state and federal sources.

In the fall of 2017, two maps were under consideration by the CAMPO Executive Board, and available for public comment. The Traditional Funding Map programs transportation improvements based on the amount of funding that is likely to be available over the next 30 years from traditional state and federal funding resources.

In order to provide more improvements to address the forecasted needs on roadways, additional, new, local and regional funding sources would have to be identified and implemented over time. The Additional Funding Map programs transportation improvements assuming the traditional state and federal resources as well as additional local and regional funding is identified. With additional funding, secondary roads would experience a significant increase in projects (less emphasis placed on high volume or multilane roadways as in the traditional model). Additional local and regional funding can only be approved in the plan by the Executive Board if there is a reasonable expectation of the additional revenue.  An example of this would include the ½ cent transit sales tax recent implemented in Wake County.

CAMPO DCHC MTP 2045 Adopted Transit 11x17

CAMPO DCHC MTP 2045 Adopted Transit 11x17

CAMPO MTP 2045 Adopted Bike Ped 11x17

CAMPO MTP 2045 Adopted Bike Ped 11x17

CAMPO MTP 2045 Adopted Roadway 11x17

CAMPO MTP 2045 Adopted Roadway 11x17