DRAFT 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Capital Area MPO and the Durham Chapel-Hill Carrboro (DCHC) MPO are corrdinating to develop the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the Triangle region.   The 2045 MTP will include roadway, transit, rail, bicycle, pedestrian and other transportation projects to be implemented through the year 2045. 

2045 MTP Performance Goals & Objectives

2045 Deficiency Analysis & Alternatives Analysis
Existing + Committed (E+C) Deficiency Analysis
Moderate Scenario

Aspirational Scenario

Volume/Capacity Maps

Interactive DRAFT 2045 MTP Map

Triangle Regional Model Update
As part of the 2045 MTP process, Capital Area MPO, DCHC MPO, GoTriangle, and NCDOT have developed an updated version of the Triangle Regional Travel Demand Model (TRM v6). 

DRAFT Capital Area MPO Socio-economic Guide Totals
The information in this document summarizes the major elements of the socioeconomic forecasts for different portions of the area covered by the region's transportation model (TRM).  The estimated 2013 and forecasted 2045 population and employment are key inputs into the TRM, which generates importation travel demand information.  For forecast data, the MPO uses a land use modeling process called CommunityViz that uses county-level 2045 guide totals and effectively distributes the population and employment growth across the region.

For more information or questions related to the development of the DRAFT 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan please contact Alex Rickard at (919) 996-4396 or alex.rickard@campo-nc.us