FFY 2016

In August 2014, the NC Capital Area MPO’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) opened a call for projects to identify and program available FFY 2016 Locally Administered Projects Programs (LAPP) funds.  The call for projects resulted in 32 Submitted Projects for consideration.  The TAC also approved a target modal investment mix of 65 percent roadway, 20 percent bicycle & pedestrian, and 15 percent transit to help guide development of a recommended FFY 2016 investment program.  For the first time and in response to STI, the TAC included Transit prioritization scoring for FFY16.  Projects were reviewed for funding eligibility and scored based on the adopted LAPP prioritization criteria by CAMPO staff and the LAPP Selection Panel.   FFY16 was the first time that LAPP was used for competitive scoring of CMAQ projects.

At the recommendation of the LAPP Selection Committee and Technical Coordinating Committee, the Executive Board adopted the FFY16 LAPP Investment Program and Modified Modal Investment Mix.  The Investment Program included 15 roadway, bicycle/pedestrian and transit projects totalling approximately $21 million:

  • Full funding for five roadway construction projects and partial funding for one roadway construction project.  All funded roadway projects met the 50 percent modal scoring rule.
  • Full funding for seven bicycle and pedestrian projects.  All funded projects met the 50 percent modal scoring rule.
  • Full funding for two transit projects, including Raleigh BikeShare.