TPAC Subcommittees

Until further notice, TPAC subcommittee meetings will be held virtually. The WebEx link and call-in information are published on each meeting agenda. If you have difficulty joining or need other assistance to participate, please email the Wake Transit TPAC Administrator,

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FY24 Master TPAC Calendar
FY24 Work Plan Amendment Schedule

TPAC Subcommittee Overview Flier (Sept 2023)

Program Development (PD) 
Kevin Wyrauch, Cary
Vice Chair:
Shavon Tucker, Raleigh

Meeting Cycle:
Fourth Tuesday, 1:30-3:30pm

Work Task List:
2023 PD Aug-Jan Work Task List

Next Meeting:
September 26th

9.26.23 Agenda
A: FY24/Q2 Amendment Request Review Packet
B: Draft Financial & Scope Disposition
C: Member Submitted Questions
D: Comment Matrix through 9.15.23

Community Engagement (CE)
R Curtis Hayes, GoTriangle
Vice Chair
Bonnie Parker, CAMPO

Meeting Cycle:
Fourth Thursday, 1:30-3:00pm

Work Task List:
2023 CE Aug-Jan Work Task List

Next Meeting:
September 28th 

9/28/23 Agenda
A: Draft FY23 Wake Transit Progress Report
B: Draft 1st Blog Post
C: Blog Editorial Calendar
D: Level 2 Strategy Form Instructions
E: Level 2 Strategy Form
F: GoTriangle Support Request Form
G: Checklist-Engagement Tactics
H: Checklist-Communications Tools
I: Engagement Equity Analysis Worksheet


TPAC Subcommittee Operating Guidelines