2050 MTP - Approved Maps/Data:

MTP Data Download

MTP 2050 GIS Data Package (Geodatabase format) MTP 2050 GIS Data Package (Shapefile format) Title VI Communities of Concern (EJ Block Groups - Shapefile format) Read More


The Triangle J Council of Governments is responsible for producing and maintaining the CommunityViz Land Use Model for the 2050 MTP. Please navigate to the link below to read their summary of this component of the MTP development process as well as access to downloadable copies of the adopte… Read More

Triangle Regional Model Information

PUBLIC NOTICE:  CAMPO has released the Triangle Regional Model for the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan for public review and comment through February 15, 2022. A public hearing is scheduled for the Executive Board meeting on January 19, 2022. Comments can be subm… Read More