R.E.D. Priority Bus Lanes

Study Description

CAMPO is conducting a study to determine, through quantitative analysis, which transit corridors could benefit from the application of “R.E.D.” (RED) bus lanes or other bus priority treatments. For the purposes of this study, RED bus priority lanes are defined as roadway lanes treated with red product to identify priority bus only lanes with the exception of right hand turns, emergency response vehicles and driveway access. Other analyzed bus priority treatments and corridor improvements could include transit signal priority (TSP), queue jumps, on-street parking, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) coordination, and others.

The study will identify: 

  • Best practices for implementing RED priority bus lanes
  • How transit priority lanes could be applied in our region
  • Methodology for identifying and prioritizing future priority lane projects

DRAFT Technical Documents (Spring 2020):

The study is anticipated to be complete by June 2020.

Staff contact: Crystal Odum, Transportation Planner