MPO Boundary Changes - 2020

PUBLIC NOTICE:  Based on the results of the 2020 Census, CAMPO is currently considering potential boundary changes.  As described below, the potential changes are available for public review and comment until September 20, 2023 with a public hearing scheduled for the Executive Board meeting on September 20, 2023. Comments can be submitted through the webform, via email to, via phone to 984-542-3601, or via U.S. Mail to: CAMPO Public Comments, Attn: Bonnie Parker, 1 Fenton Main Street, Suite 201, Cary, NC 27511.

After each decennial census, the US Census Bureau identifies urbanized areas. These data were released in mid-2023. The MPO, in cooperation with the State and public transportation operator(s) is required to review the MPO’s boundary after each Census to determine if the existing boundary meets the minimum statutory requirements for new and updated urbanized area(s). Additionally, adjustments can be made to reflect the most comprehensive boundary to foster an effective planning process that ensures connectivity between modes, improves access to modal systems, and promotes efficient overall transportation investment strategies.

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CAMPO has received notification about potential MPO membership from multiple local jurisdictions. 

Potential Boundary Changes

Expansion in Chatham, Harnett, and Johnston Counties.  These changes would include both required changes and voluntary additions to the MPO boundary.


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Chatham County

  • Growth in western Wake County has begun to expand into eastern Chatham County (Cary/Apex)
  • Travel patterns are oriented towards CAMPO/Wake County
  • Chatham Board of County Commissioners voted to request membership for the areas highlighted (06/20/23)
  • Potential boundary change includes Chatham County east of Lake Jordan
    • Cary and Apex growth areas
    • Moncure area
    • Triangle Innovation Point megasite area

Harnett County

  • Growth in southern Wake County has begun to expand into northern Harnett County
  • Travel patterns are oriented towards CAMPO/Wake County
  • Potential boundary change includes additional areas in northern Harnett County
    • Coats
    • Lillington

Johnston County

  • 2020 Census split Clayton/Archer Lodge into separate urbanized area
  • Johnston Board of County Commissioners took action to remain a part of CAMPO in June of 2023.
  • Growth in western Johnston County continues along the US 70/Future I-42 corridor
  • Travel patterns are oriented towards CAMPO / Wake County
  • Potential boundary change includes additional areas in western Johnston County.
    • Part of Wilson's Mills
    • Cleveland area